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During his high school years, Antoine Boureau immerses himself in photography thanks to Jean-Luc Charles and Michel Lecoq two photographer-poets . A few years later, after completing two years of audiovisual studies in Cannes, he becomes a photographer. We are in 2007. Two years later he embarked on a long-term, 18-month journey from the Middle East to Papua New Guinea. He begins to taste photo-reportage and come back with his first work focusing on childhood.

Engaged in documentary photography and passionate by meeting people, Antoine likes to take the time to let people reveal themselves to him. Create a link, capture sensitivity and share it with them and the world, thanks to photography. Wherever he is, he seeks in his work the moment of abandonment, which reveals the man, fragile in it complexity. Today, his time is divided between a personal work on youth started in 2017, reportage visible on this site, and workshops conducted with the association Dialogues en photographie.


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