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Born in 1987, Antoine Boureau learned photography with his high school club and local afterschool club in the village he grew up in: Carnoules (French Riviera). Interested in domain of video, he decided to get an Associate Degree in Audiovisual rather than in photography, but after two years of formation, he decided to return to his fist love: Still picture!

Under contract with Biosphoto Agency, he first shoots “Nature” pictures before orienting himself toward a humanist photography. He developed themes that interest him through various projects. Below are few of his most important projects:

A child interaction with others in the Kindergarten: “Regards d’enfants”; Children around the world establishing their position through play time: “Jeux d’enfants”; geographic or intellectual exile lived by Palestinians or Jews of the Middle-East outside the borders of Israel: “Exiles de la Terre promise”; How does a child document his everyday life with a camera: “Correspondances et photographie participative”; and in progress: “Enfances” (“Childhood”).


Why children?

First of all Antoine Boureau photographs children because they are universal, not yet totally conditioned by their own society, each child stands as he is; his naiveté is his treasure. The reactions of a child toward a foreigner, facing a photo camera, are pure instinct.

Right from his first contact, the child can feel that Antoine is not here to rob him of anything. Then, the child accepts to give his trust and to let him enter his world, without prejudice. The child is not responsible for a group and is not a spokesman for his pears. Therefore the child doesn’t feel the need to defend an idea or thoughts to a foreign person.

Through photography the language barrier disappears, Antoine Boureau can allow each child to share his everyday life with other children while telling his story without words.



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